Namibian quirks

Recorded on January 29th, 2015

The Namibian diet

1 loaf brown bread, preferably sliced (cos its healthy)

500g meat per person

500g borewors per person

Minimum of 4 windhoek lagers….apparently very good for rehydration

Seven days on this diet has seen my waistline and appetite grow immediately. Such a transition from the rice and beans of central and west Africa, As the locals say…..heerlik

The bodyguard

Whilst camping at the Brandberg mountains, a most terrifying dog (50-60kg) befriended us.Initially Laica was petrified of him, but after day 3 , she adored him.

Sharing beans and corned beef chilli stew with the two of them was probably my biggest mistake of the trip. Our bodyguard, lay at the entrance to the tent all night every night, but on this particular night, they both snored resoundingly, whilst allowing the beans to depart the other end. The noise and smell, was horrendous.

A sad departure from the riverbed, with our friend running beside the car whimpering, and Laica looking totally distraught. We never did find out who the owner was, nor his name, but he was fantastic, not allowing anything within 100 metres of us. Quite a terrifying sight when he chased anything, then would skip joyfully behind Laica, like a lovestruck teenager.